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Jane Jacobs Prize Recipients

The Jane Jacobs Prize is funded by the Avana Capital Corporation and includes an annual stipend of $3,000 for three years, to be used by the recipients in any way they choose. The recipients are also invited to meet together to discuss their experiences and knowledge of what makes this city work.

The Jane Jacobs Prize was announced in 1997 at the end of a five-day international celebration called Jane Jacobs: Ideas that Matter. Hundreds of the world's most prominent thinkers and community leaders attended the Toronto event to exchange ideas and celebrate Jacobs' work. The prize was created to build on the spirit of that gathering.

In 2014, Spacing magazine took over the administration of the award.

Jutta Mason awarded Caring Canadian Award

Ideas That Matter is delighted to share the news that Jane Jacobs Prize winner Jutta Mason has been given a Caring Canadian Award. Read more.


Winners to 2010

Jane Jacobs Prize winners (picture taken in 2010)

Where are they now?

Updates on previous winners:

Dan Yashinsky Uzma Shakir Rollo Myers
Mary Lou Morgan Catherine Nasmith Steve Munro


2015 Recipients

Sureya Ibrahim Julie Beddoes and Cynthia Wilkey

Sureya Ibrahim

Julie Beddoes and Cynthia Wilkey

2014 Recipients

Graeme Stewart

Sabina Ali

2010 Recipients

Catherine Nasmith

Spacing Magazine

2009 Recipient

Derek Ballantyne

2008 Recipient

Nick Saul

2006 Recipient

Roberto Martella

2005 Recipient

Steve Munro

2004 Recipient

John van Nostrand

2003 Recipients

Margaret Zeidler

Uzma Shakir

2002 Recipients

Amanuel Melles

Mel Greif

2001 Recipients

Jutta Mason

David Walsh

2000 Recipients

Rollo Myers

Iria Vieira

1999 Recipients

Mary Lou Morgan

Dan Yashinsky

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