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Building a 21st Century City

On Wednesday, December 7th, 2005 The Global Cities Program of the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, in conjunction with Ideas That Matter, hosted a presentation of the Final Joint Task Force Report of the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto on the review of the City of Toronto Act.

Download a PDF of the presentation by Phillip Abrahams, Manager, Intergovernmental Relations, Strategic & Corporate Policy Division, City Manager's Office, City of Toronto

Download a PDF of the Final Joint Task Force Report

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Towards a New City of Toronto Act

With contributions by Alan Broadbent, Paul Bedford, John Cartwright, David Crombie, Frank Cunningham, Anne Golden, Ken Greenberg, John Sewell, Enid Slack, Don Stevenson and comments from select civic leaders.

In late 2004 a group of interested and informed community leaders headed by Alan Broadbent began meeting to discuss the opportunities and implications of a new City of Toronto Act, the legislative framework which sets out the relationship between the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. This volume contains highlights of those discussions.

Published by Zephyr Press for Ideas That Matter
Release date: June 14, 2005
Number of pages: 110

Download a PDF of the publication

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A New City Agenda

By John Sewell

While Canadians have quickly recognized the importance of healthy cities in their own lives and communities, governments have lagged far behind. In A New City Agenda, journalist and former mayor, John Sewell answers the question: What would a new deal for cities look like? He articulates a new vision for Canada's largest urban regions and the implementation of required changes in social services, public education, settlement, health, housing, policing, land use and governance.

Published by Zephyr Press for Ideas That Matter
Release date: July 8, 2004
Number of pages: 110

Download PDF

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An Open Letter to the Next Prime Minister of Canada

It identifies 12 actions to strengthen Canada and its cities. The plan argues that, following the June 28th 2004 election, the prime minister will have to deal with the rapidly declining health of Canada's largest urban regions by addressing transportation, housing, culture, settlement of immigrants and refugees and leadership.

Read An Open Letter to the Next Prime Minister of Canada (PDF)

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Ideas That Matter for the New Mayor of Toronto

This is a unique and critical time for Toronto. What happens to the City of Toronto and the surrounding region over the next three years is of utmost importance not only to the people who live, work and visit Toronto but also to the country as a whole. As Toronto goes, so goes Canada.

What is needed over the next three years is a mayor who will be a forceful and relentless advocate of the region's interests, who is prepared to harness ideas with strong leadership and political savvy when dealing with other levels of government. So, here’s an eight-point agenda for Toronto's new leader.

Read Ideas That Matter For the New Mayor of Toronto (PDF) 

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Towards a Greater Toronto Charter

The Toronto Charter, published in 2001, developed from a broad civic discussion involving input from academics, journalists, urban planners and thinkers, business people and professionals, community workers, labour unions, former municipal staff and politicians, and concerned citizens.

Read here the Toronto Charter (PDF).

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Toronto: Considering Self-Government

Toronto: Considering Self-Government is a collection of articles exploring the potential for the Toronto region to gain greater control over its future. The book includes contributions from authors Jane Jacobs, Joe Berridge, Alan Broadbent, David Crombia, Meric Gertler, Richard Gilbert, Michael Mendelson, David M. Nowlan, John Sewell and Enid Slack. Edited by Mary W. Rowe and published by The Ginger Press, the book is available from local bookstores, from or by calling 1-800-463-9937. Paperback: $18.95

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